What began as a financial partnership between Stephanie and Roni Bhullar and the Somerset Church of Christ in 2008 for short-term trips to Haiti, has since grown into a passion and desire for Haiti. In March 2013, a team, most of whom come from the Somerset Church of Christ, went to Haiti with Stephanie and Roni leading the team!
Some of the things that they accomplished on this trip were:
Distributed food to local churches ( the preachers then distributed it among members in need)
Visited two aziles (“safe haven”-like a nursing home without care) and provided hot meals
Provided hot meals to the homeless in a park about an hour from the city
Provided and shared a fellowship meal at a church in the mountains (Bas Limbe Church of Christ)
Distributed approximately 400 sanitation packs- washcloths, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, ect.
Visited Tabitha’s orphanage and provided Bible lessons for the kids on the roof
Purchased clothing and school uniforms for children in need that are living at the azile(orphaned and homeless)
Provided funds for a new well in the town of Limonade
We also, hear the powerful conversion story from Voodoo to Christianity from a former 28 year old former Voodoo priest

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See the video from our most recent trip!