Myers Briggs Personality Test

One of the most common sources of division within churches stems, not from doctrinal differences, but from personality clashes. The Twelve apostles had far different personality types and quite often we see personality differences lead to disputes. Yet Jesus divinely hand picked and placed these vastly different people together to form his 12 Apostles. What can we learn from this?

We should take great efforts to understand how God created us all different and to see that this does not mean war. Peter and Paul clashed at times, but they worked together and loved one another. Do you ever wonder why Peter, James, and John formed Jesus’ inner circle of close friends? Why not a combination of any other of the 12? Jesus understands the uniqueness of our personalities and how to exercise variety in the context of unity. There are several free tools to help us understand each others’ personalities and how we can use them for the good of the Kingdom.

We suggest taking the free version of the Myers Briggs (MBTI Personality Type) test here. Once you enter the page, press “Click Here To Start.”

At the end of the test, you will be given 4 letters which best describe your personality. You can use this website to find your four letters and get a fuller description of your personality.

For added curiosity, you may want to see which of the 12 Apostles has a personality type similar to yours. You can find their personality types here.