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**If the live stream drops out during service, we cannot restart a live stream once it is disrupted. If this happens, we will create a new stream that will resume our live service and will be found at our YouTube channel here**

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Have Mercy On Me!

Luke records a touching story of a blind beggar. Beggars were no more respected than they are today. We even have a derogatory nickname for them: bums. But beggars have one goal in this life–survival. Beggars are under-privileged because of life circumstances. Some have medical or mental conditions that render them unable to get or …

Love Needs Readjusting

We have an idiom in the West, to “fall out of love.” Merriam-Webster simply defines the idiom this way: “to no longer feel romantic love for someone.” Even the definition seems cold and detached. What if there is actually no such thing as falling out of love? What if, instead, we lose focus and perspective …