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Don’t Fear Them!

We’ve spent the past few weeks discussing Jesus’ method for recruiting, training, and sending his twelve apostles, as well as additional disciples. Jesus went through this entire process very quickly. He didn’t drag his feet or string the disciples along. Instead, he called them to immediately and completely follow him, he warned them of impending …

Beware of Men

When Jesus sent his disciples out into the towns, he warned them that persecution was waiting for them. They were going to be drug before courts, experience floggings in their synagogues, and were going to be dragged before governors and kings for Jesus’ sake. This was a very sobering thing to tell his brand-new disciples. …

Jesus Sends the Twelve

Jesus hand selected twelve apostles to follow him wherever he went. They were given authority over every demon and were given the ability to heal every disease and affliction. What’s astonishing is that Jesus chose mostly uneducated people who were ordinary tradesmen. Several of them owned fishing businesses and Matthew was a tax collector. We …