Roni’s Run for the Hope House

As you all know, Steph and Roni Bhullar have been in Haiti since 2015 working very hard at the Hope House. Our congregation is one of their supporting churches. One of the things that I’ve always lamented is that missionaries have it much harder than us ministers in the US. They not only have to learn a new language and live in extremely impoverished areas that take a severe emotional toll, they also have to raise their own financial support. Many missionaries only get a short furlough back in the States once per year. That time is supposed to be used for rest and visiting with friends and family. However, most missionaries have to use much of that time raising more financial support, which takes away from family and rest time.

Roni has taken a creative approach to raising funds for the Hope House by running an annual 26.2 mile race. This race is extremely dangerous and taxing on the body. Here’s what Roni has to say about the race: “That’s 26.2 miles without a cheering crowd, no water stations and none of the typical support found in an organized race. Why would I do such a thing? A guaranteed first place finish and for seven little reasons well worth the effort.”

Those seven little reasons are the children Steph and Roni care for in the Hope House. Roni is running the race on Saturday. Please pass this on to as many people as you can. Show your love and support by donating for Roni’s race. The Bhullars are doing an incredible ministry. Here is the link to Roni’s race where you can find more about the race and donate.

Be blessed!

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